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What is Bodhi Breathwork?

Troy's Breathwork system is a very powerful form of somatic release and emotional healing, which is known to have deep and lasting positive effect on the physical and energetic body. Read below for more details. 

More about Bodhi Breathwork:


Bodhi is the Sanskrit word for "awakening." During our waking states we experience a variety of situations that influence our mind and body. On a deeper level, certain experiences can influence your subconscious mind and your neuromuscular system. When we experience an “overwhelming” sense of emotions (at any age), an imprint can be made in the subconscious mind and neuromuscular system. To make a lasting change, you need to "awaken" to the stories you are telling ourself, which limit us from feeling great and reaching our highest calling.


If these overwhelming emotional states are not properly discharged and processed, they can become stuck in our physical and energetic body. Think of a record on repeat. Your subconscious and the connection to the physical body are stuck in a loop of fight, flight and/or freeze. 


What is remarkable, is past experiences when unprocessed can become the driving forces in your life! 


Have you ever found yourself dating the same type of “undesirable” people? 

Have you found yourself repeating similar painful events in your life? 

Have you found it difficult to overcome certain situations in life? 


These and a slew of other behaviors are common for people who have unprocessed traumatic events. 

To me, somatic breathwork is a rediscovering of ancient technologies and further evidence that we can be our greatest healer. 


Common Experiences:


During a Breathwork session you are encouraged to feel each emotion as deeply and fully as possible. If anger comes up, use whatever sounds the voice wants to make. If sadness comes up, allow yourself to cry as deeply as possible. If laughter comes up, let it go and laugh out loud. The key is to allow whatever your body is feeling and releasing to be felt and experienced as deeply as possible. 


Your body may have a desire to move – allow the body to move how it wants to move. You may tremble, wiggle or anything similar. Without judgement, allow yourself to feel the experiences taking place in the body. 


You may feel intense levels of “energetics” throughout your body. Again, it’s important not to judge and think as anything as “right” or “wrong.” Give yourself the permission to go deeper into yourself and into your inward journey. 


It’s also possible to go into a sleep type state. There are names for this (Yogic Sleep, etc.). When the aforementioned happens, you go into a deep relaxed state, which can serve as a reminder to your nervous system as to what relaxed states feel like. Many people who experience this state report having improved quality of sleep and greater presence in their waking hours. 


Common Fears:


I’m afraid of what will come up. While this is an understandable emotion, your body system has an incredible intelligence and will only bring up what needs to and what can be effectively processed. One of the beauties about using the breath versus a foreign substance, is your breath is the medicine of your body.  


What if nothing happens? You will know you are on your inner journey when the “thinking mind” begins to slow down and you start to “follow” what is coming through. If for some reason, the “thinking mind” is still active, just following whatever emotions are coming up. You are still going to have a level of processing take place in this state. You can also start to move your body and/or make whatever sounds want to come out. Doing so, can aid in making a deeper connection to the emotions stored in the body. 


When it is recommended not to do breathwork:


Some medical conditions may be unsafe during a breathwork session. Please do not book a session if you have one of the following conditions or situations: Pregnancy, epilepsy, a detached retina, glaucoma, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, manic disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, stroke, TIA’s, seizures (or other brain disorders), use of blood thinners, osteoporosis or if you were hospitalized for a psychiatric condition or emotional crisis within the last 10 years. 


Preparation for your session:


Avoid eating anything heavy an hour or two before the event. Drink plenty of water the day before and after your experience. Avoid bluescreen as much as possible the day of the event. 


Begin feeling into your “intention” for the session. What would you like to experience? Hold your intention loosely, as we will do a meditation/visualization before the session begins to aid in this process. 


Bring an open mind and heart to your session!