The reason I offer my Breathwork system (The Bodhi Method) to others, is because I discovered how powerful healing our own deepest wounds can be. I traveled the path, now I am here to share the medicine with you. 

I've been an holistic practitioner for close to two decades. I spent well over 10,000 hours helping people overcome their challenges. 

My early years as a practitioner were filled with highs and lows, which inevitably led me on my own healing journey.

After hitting a low point in life, I was physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally broken. Looking back, this is the moment, when my own healing journey began. 

I was initially led to work with plant medicines, like Ayahuasca and Huachuma (San Pedro). These experiences opened me up to the beauty of going inward and healing our greatest wounds. 

During this season of life, I was fortunate to learn from an experienced Curandero and Curandera (Shaman). I began to have first hand experiences of how trauma gets stored in our body. 

I was having further understanding though meditation, cold plunging and breathwork. 

I had been developing my understanding of the powers associated with breathwork early in my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey. I learned how a relationship with the breath can influence our emotional states and even bring us to greater consciousness. 

After years spent on the path of discovery and healing myself, I was ready to bring healing to others on a deeper level. 

I now spend my working hours bringing Breathwork medicine to my community and others. I hope to share it with you someday, too. 



Degrees: AAS, BS, MBA

Certifications: OPB (Optimal Performance Bodywork), Facilitated Stretching Specialist, Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist

Publications: Multiple nationally published articles, Former columnist for the Reno Gazette Journal, Author of A Climb to the Top: An Inspirational Journey to the Ultimate You

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt​