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I've been called The Relationship Wizard, Confidence Crafter and a Business Whisperer. Really, I'm just someone who hit rock-bottom, climbed his way back up and helps people like you to live amazing lives, 10x their profits, relationships and personal growth.

Over the last 20 years, I have helped thousands of people transform their life into something miraculous. Now, I've condensed everything I've learned into an exclusive opportunity for you.

In 2009 I was runner-up for the International Personal Trainer of the year award, leading my own mastermind group where I taught business owners how Culture Creates Cash, became a published author, professional speaker and more. After a series of devastating setbacks, I was forced to start over - to transform.

Through my transformation, I realized what led to my setback. It was the stories in my mind. The stories were based in fear, inadequacy and scarcity. 

However, my setback was simply a setup for something beyond my imagination. I finally learned to love myself. To short-cut the limiting beliefs. The R.O.I. was 10x the results in every area of my life.

Early in my coaching career, I experienced massive financial and social success. My business was growing at an alarming rate, my speaking career was taking off, I published my first book and I found the woman of my dreams, but strangely I wasn't enjoying these experiences like you think someone would - I had no presence. 

Since I had no presence, I was always in my head - overthinking, stressed and anxious. In fact, I was grinding my teeth every night. I started to suffer physical setbacks, injuries and my gut felt like a war zone. I soon became sick. 

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, (which I no longer suffer from...more on that later) and lost 30 pounds. Then I was thrown into the recession of 2008. 

I wasn't ready for what was going to take place. I ended up losing everything. Like everything. Car. House. Business. All my Commercial Property. My Mastermind Group. Friends.

After dragging along rock-bottom, I wanted change. And change I did. Not just change - I transformed.

I went on a journey working with a Shaman, drinking strange brews from the Amazon, coming face-to-face with my anxiety, stretching every part of myself in every direction for years. I sought out improved coaching methods. I went deep into my subconscious mind and changed the shitty stories I was carrying and transformed them. 

Before long, I was back - and not only back, I was operating and seeing life from a whole new reality - a high vibration and perspective.

You see, what I learned through my transformation, is our subconscious mind is the real catalyst for outcomes in our life. Just think self-sabatoge, repeated relationship setbacks, persistent fears, limiting beliefs and self-worth issues. That shit it real!

The good news is, I learned short-cuts, hacks, and rituals to not only rid your subconscious of the viruses - but to transform them to a superpower. 

How do I do it? I use targeted coaching techniques to quickly open your inner superpowers. I use my revered active breathwork and meditation hacks, my Elite Coaching System that opens your voice and clears your mind, builds your confidence and deepens your self approval. I combine my 20 years of coaching entrepreneurs and my own personal transformation to deliver results. Results. That's what you want.

I'm not interested in fluffy shit that makes you feel good for a couple hours. I am only interested in massive lasting change. I hope you are too.

For those that like certifications and degrees, I've got those too, and I'll list them here. Just keep in mind - the degree, the certification, has never made the person, it's what we do with our time in life - the story we create that makes all the difference. 

Degrees: AAS, BS, MBA

Author, Climb to the Top

Founder, Elite Coaching Systems, Primitive Connection, The Bodhi (Breathwork) Method

Nationally published author

2009 Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist (IDEA)

2008 Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist (PFP)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt 

Certifications: Too many to list here...

20 years of coaching helping thousands to quickly transform to higher reality and delivering RESULTS. 

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